The Malaysian International Scholarship 2024-2025 Update



The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) program is a prestigious scholarship offered by the Malaysian government to international students. It provides an incredible opportunity for students from around the world to pursue their higher education in Malaysia. The MIS 2024-25 program aims to attract high-caliber individuals and promote cultural exchange through education.

With its comprehensive coverage and numerous benefits, the MIS 2024-25 program opens doors to a bright future for aspiring scholars. This article will delve into the eligibility criteria, academic programs covered, application process, benefits, participating universities, and the role of cultural exchange in shaping global leaders. By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to unlock your future with the Malaysian International Scholarship.

Key Takeaway: Explore the opportunities offered by the MIS 2024-25 program and learn how to apply for this prestigious scholarship.

1. Eligibility Criteria for Malaysian International Scholarship

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) is a prestigious scholarship program offered by the Malaysian government to attract high-caliber international students to pursue their studies in Malaysia. To be eligible for the MIS 2024-25 program, applicants must meet certain criteria. Here are the key eligibility requirements:

Merit-based selection process

The MIS 2024-25 program follows a rigorous selection process based on academic merit and leadership potential. Applicants are assessed based on their academic achievements, research proposal (for Ph.D. applicants), and personal statement.

Age limits for applicants

For the MIS 2024-25 program, the age limit is set at under 40 years for Master’s degree applicants and under 45 years for Ph.D. degree applicants. It is important to note that these age limits may vary based on the specific requirements of each participating university.

Required documents for application

When applying for the MIS 2024-25 program, applicants need to submit a complete set of documents, including:

  • Completed MIS application form
  • A certified copy of academic transcripts and certificates
  • A research proposal (for Ph.D. applicants)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • A valid passport or travel document
  • English language proficiency test results (such as IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Medical examination report

Applicants are advised to carefully review the specific requirements outlined by the MIS program and ensure all documents are submitted within the specified deadline.

The eligibility criteria for the Malaysian International Scholarship aim to select outstanding individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a strong commitment to contribute to their respective fields of study. By meeting these eligibility requirements, aspiring students can unlock their future by pursuing higher education in Malaysia with the support of this prestigious scholarship.

2. Academic Programs Covered by the Scholarship

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) program offers a wide range of academic programs for international students. Whether you have a passion for science, technology, humanities, social sciences, or business and management, there are opportunities available to pursue your desired field of study under this prestigious scholarship.

2.1 Science and Technology Programs

If you have a keen interest in scientific research, technological advancements, or engineering breakthroughs, the MIS program provides support for various science and technology programs. Here are some of the relevant courses that are eligible for scholarship support:

  • Engineering: Pursue your dreams in fields like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and more. Malaysian universities offer excellent facilities and research opportunities to help you enhance your technical skills.
  • Computer Science: Dive into the fascinating world of computer science with programs that cover areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, software engineering, cybersecurity, and computer networks. Malaysia’s vibrant tech industry provides ample internship and job opportunities for computer science graduates.
  • Biotechnology: Explore the intersection of biology and technology with biotechnology programs that focus on areas like genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, bioinformatics, and agricultural biotechnology. Malaysia is known for its diverse natural resources and has a thriving biotech industry.
  • Health Sciences: If you aspire to make a difference in healthcare, consider programs in medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, or public health. Malaysian universities offer state-of-the-art medical facilities and partnerships with renowned hospitals for practical training.

2.2 Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

For those passionate about understanding human behavior, society’s intricacies, or cultural heritage preservation, the MIS program also covers humanities and social sciences programs. Here are some examples of relevant courses:

  • Psychology: Study the human mind and behavior through psychology programs that delve into areas like cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, organizational psychology, and counseling. Gain practical experience through internships and research projects.
  • International Relations: Explore the dynamics of global politics, diplomacy, and international cooperation with programs in international relations, political science, or global studies. Malaysia’s strategic location and multicultural society make it an ideal place to study these subjects.
  • History and Heritage: Immerse yourself in Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage by pursuing programs in history, archaeology, anthropology, or museum studies. Malaysia boasts a diverse cultural landscape, providing ample opportunities for research and fieldwork.

2.3 Business and Management Programs

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit or a passion for business strategy, the MIS program also supports various business and management programs. Consider the following courses:

  • Business Administration: Develop your leadership skills and business acumen through programs in business administration, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, or human resource management. Benefit from Malaysia’s vibrant business ecosystem and networking opportunities.
  • Economics: Study the principles of supply and demand, market trends, and economic policies with programs in economics or econometrics. Gain insights into Malaysia’s growing economy and its integration into the global market.
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management: If you have a passion for hospitality or tourism, consider programs that focus on hotel management, event management, tourism planning, or culinary arts. Malaysia’s thriving tourism industry provides a conducive environment for practical training.

By offering a diverse range of academic programs, the Malaysian International Scholarship opens doors to countless opportunities for international students. Whether you envision yourself as a scientist, artist, entrepreneur, or policymaker, this scholarship can help turn your dreams into reality.

2.2 Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) program offers a diverse range of academic programs in the field of humanities and social sciences. These programs are designed to provide international students with the opportunity to explore and excel in disciplines that contribute to global understanding and societal development. Some of the relevant courses that are eligible for the scholarship support include:

  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Linguistics
  • History
  • Economics
  • Geography

These courses encompass a wide spectrum of knowledge and research, allowing students to engage with complex societal issues and cultural dynamics. The MIS 2024-25 program aims to foster cross-cultural perspectives and promote critical thinking in addressing contemporary challenges within the humanities and social sciences.

By offering support for these academic programs, the Malaysian government seeks to attract individuals who are passionate about contributing to the advancement of societies through their expertise in these fields. The MIS serves as a platform for aspiring scholars to pursue their intellectual interests while benefiting from Malaysia’s rich cultural tapestry and academic resources.

The availability of humanities and social sciences programs under the MIS underscores the commitment to holistic education and the cultivation of well-rounded global leaders who can drive positive change in an interconnected world.

2.3 Business and Management Programs

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) program also covers a wide range of academic programs in the field of business and management. If you are interested in pursuing studies in this area, there are numerous relevant courses that are eligible for scholarship support under the MIS program. Some of the key areas of focus include:

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of programs that fall under the umbrella of business and management, all of which are supported by the Malaysian International Scholarship. Whether you are passionate about finance, marketing, or strategic management, there are opportunities for aspiring students to further their education in Malaysia with the support of this prestigious scholarship.

The MIS 2024-25 program aims to attract high-caliber international students across various academic disciplines, including business and management. By offering comprehensive coverage for these programs, the scholarship opens doors for aspiring scholars to pursue their educational and career aspirations in a vibrant and diverse academic environment.

The availability of scholarship support for business and management programs underscores the commitment of the Malaysian government to foster global talent and provide opportunities for future leaders to thrive in their chosen fields.

3. Application Process for MIS 2024-25

To apply for the prestigious Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) program for the year 2024-25, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Before starting the application process, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria set by the scholarship program. This includes being a citizen of one of the eligible countries and meeting the age limit requirement.
  2. Research: Explore the various academic programs covered by the scholarship and find the one that fits your educational goals and interests. Look at the specific courses offered in each program to make sure they match your field of study.
  3. Prepare Required Documents: Gather all the necessary documents needed for your application. This usually includes a completed application form, academic transcripts, curriculum vitae (CV), research proposal (for Ph.D. applicants), letter of recommendation, and a valid passport.
  4. Online Application: Proceed to the official website of MIS and create an account to begin your online application. Accurately fill in all the required information and upload the necessary documents in their specified formats.
  5. Submit Application: Once you’ve completed all sections of the application form and uploaded all required documents, review your application carefully to ensure accuracy. Submit your application before the given deadline.
  6. Wait for Confirmation: After submitting your application, patiently await an email from MIS confirming the status of your application. Please note that this might take some time due to the high volume of applications received.
  7. Interview (if required): If you’re selected as a potential candidate, you may be asked to attend an interview as part of the selection process. Prepare well for this interview by learning about Malaysia, its culture, and being ready to discuss your academic goals and aspirations.

Remember, it’s crucial to carefully read and adhere to all instructions provided during each step of the application process in order to increase your chances of success.

The aforementioned steps provide a general outline of the application process and may vary slightly depending on the specific requirements of the MIS 2024-25 program.

By following these steps, you will be one step closer to unlocking your future through the Malaysian International Scholarship program. Good luck with your application!

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Benefits and Coverage

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) offers a range of comprehensive benefits and coverage to successful applicants. This prestigious scholarship aims to provide international students with financial support and opportunities for academic excellence. Here are the key benefits of the MIS 2024-25 program:

  1. Full Tuition Fee Coverage: One of the most significant advantages of the MIS is that it covers the full tuition fees for the duration of your study program. This ensures that you can focus on your education without worrying about financial constraints.
  2. Monthly Stipend: In addition to tuition fee coverage, the MIS provides a generous monthly stipend to help cover living expenses. This stipend enables you to meet your day-to-day needs, such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and other personal expenses.
  3. Medical Insurance: As a recipient of the MIS, you will also receive comprehensive medical insurance coverage. This ensures that you have access to quality healthcare services during your stay in Malaysia, giving you peace of mind and security.
  4. Airfare: The scholarship includes a round-trip airfare ticket from your home country to Malaysia at the beginning of your study program and back home upon completion. This eliminates the financial burden of international travel expenses.
  5. Conference Travel Grants: The MIS recognizes the importance of academic engagement and encourages students to participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops related to their field of study. As a result, the scholarship provides travel grants for attending such events, allowing you to enhance your knowledge and network with experts in your field.
  6. Research Allowance: For research-based programs, the MIS provides an additional research allowance. This funding can be utilized for various research-related expenses, such as laboratory equipment, data collection, or fieldwork costs.

The comprehensive benefits offered by the MIS 2024-25 program make it an attractive opportunity for international students seeking financial support and academic excellence in Malaysia. With full tuition fee coverage, a monthly stipend, medical insurance, airfare, and additional allowances, the MIS ensures that you can fully focus on your studies and make the most of your educational journey in Malaysia.

Participating Universities

When it comes to pursuing higher education through the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2024-25 program, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of top-quality universities in Malaysia. These universities are renowned for their academic excellence, research facilities, and international reputation. Here is a list of some participating universities that offer the MIS 2024-25 program:

  1. University of Malaya (UM): As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Malaysia, UM consistently ranks among the top universities in Asia. It offers a diverse range of programs in various fields, including science, technology, humanities, and social sciences.
  2. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM): Known for its strong emphasis on engineering and technology programs, UTM is a leading institution in Malaysia. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, architecture, business, and science.
  3. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM): UPM is recognized for its agricultural sciences and related fields. It is renowned for its research in agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, and environmental studies. The university also offers programs in other disciplines such as engineering, social sciences, and business.
  4. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM): UKM is a comprehensive university offering programs in various disciplines. It has a strong focus on research and innovation and is known for its contributions to the fields of medicine, law, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  5. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM): USM is another prestigious university that excels in research and innovation. It offers a wide range of programs in science, technology, humanities, and social sciences. The university has been consistently ranked among the top universities in Malaysia.

These are just a few examples of the participating universities under the MIS 2024-25 program. Each university offers a unique set of programs and research opportunities, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your academic and career goals. It is important to explore the websites of these universities to gather more information about the specific programs they offer and their admission requirements.

By choosing one of these participating universities, you will not only have access to world-class education but also be part of a vibrant and multicultural learning environment. The MIS program provides you with an excellent opportunity to experience Malaysian culture, make lifelong connections, and enhance your academic and personal growth.

Note: The list of participating universities may vary and is subject to updates. It is advisable to refer to the official MIS website for the most up-to-date information on participating universities.

Cultural Exchange and Academic Opportunities

The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) not only provides financial support for international students but also offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and academic collaborations. Through this program, students can immerse themselves in the vibrant Malaysian culture while gaining valuable academic experiences. Here are some key points to consider regarding the role of cultural exchange and the academic opportunities provided by the MIS 2024-25 program:

1. Shaping Global Leaders

Cultural exchange plays a significant role in shaping global leaders. By studying in Malaysia, students get exposed to a diverse and multicultural society, allowing them to develop cross-cultural communication skills, empathy, and a broader worldview. Interacting with people from different backgrounds helps foster understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity.

2. Cultural Immersion

The MIS program encourages students to engage actively in various cultural activities and events. From traditional festivals to local customs and traditions, students have numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the rich Malaysian culture. This cultural immersion enhances their overall educational experience and allows them to build lifelong connections with people from different parts of the world.

3. Academic Collaborations

The MIS program also promotes academic collaborations between international students and Malaysian universities. Students have the chance to work alongside renowned professors and researchers in their respective fields. This collaboration opens doors for networking, knowledge sharing, and potential research partnerships. It enables students to gain valuable insights, expand their academic horizons, and contribute to global research initiatives.

4. Global Perspectives

Studying in Malaysia through the MIS program exposes students to a dynamic learning environment that incorporates global perspectives. With a diverse student community, international students get exposed to different viewpoints and ideas, fostering critical thinking and creativity. This exposure helps them develop a well-rounded perspective on various global issues.

In summary, the MIS 2024-25 program offers more than just financial support for international students. It provides an invaluable opportunity for cultural exchange, cultural immersion, and academic collaborations. By participating in this program, students can not only unlock their future through quality education but also broaden their horizons and become global citizens.


Encouraging aspiring students to seize the opportunity provided by the MIS 2024-25 program and embark on a rewarding educational journey in Malaysia is important. This prestigious scholarship offers not only financial support but also the chance to fully experience a diverse culture while focusing on studies.

Key Takeaways

  • Embracing Cultural Diversity: The MIS 2024-25 program provides a unique platform for aspiring scholars to embrace cultural diversity, fostering a global mindset and cross-cultural understanding that are essential for future leaders.
  • Academic Excellence: By availing themselves of this scholarship, students can access high-quality education and cutting-edge research opportunities, contributing to personal and professional growth.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academic pursuits, the MIS 2024-25 offers avenues for holistic development, enabling students to develop leadership skills and build lifelong connections with peers from around the world.

In conclusion, aspiring students are encouraged to take the leap of faith and apply for the Malaysian International Scholarship. By doing so, they will open doors to unparalleled academic and cultural experiences that will shape their future endeavors. The MIS 2024-25 program is not just a scholarship; it’s a transformative journey waiting to be embraced.

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