How to Find iPhone Clipboard History

How to Find iPhone Clipboard History

The frequency at which you’ve utilized the iPhone clipboard for copying and pasting texts between apps is certainly countless.

During one of your copying and pasting experiences, it must have dawned on you that although the built-in iPhone clipboard is helpful, its ability only to store one piece of information at a time and its absence of a clipboard history poses limitations on an iPhone user.

Fortunately, various external clipboard applications can provide extra features to facilitate a comprehensive iPhone clipboard history.

In this article, you will learn what an inbuilt iPhone clipboard provides. We will take you through how to find iPhone clipboard history using 3rd party apps or alternative iPhone clipboard managers.

What an Inbuilt iPhone Clipboard Provides

A clipboard is the area of virtual memory. Copying to a clipboard means saving the most recent copied data to an internal board for use in another app within the same phone.

An inbuilt clipboard history works such that after copying data, link, or image from an app or site, it is saved in the clipboard to be used in another app or site within the same phone.

Items on a clipboard are erratic, and it implies that if you copy more than one thing, only the last thing copied remains on the clipboard.

The previously copied data is irretrievable, except you utilize a clipboard manager application.

Although there is no inbuilt application on iPhone to enable you to get numerous clipboard histories, you can utilize these applications to find the iPhone clipboard history.

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How to Find iPhone Clipboard History

Find Copy History on iPhone Using Notes Application

There are no obvious ways of getting to your clipboard, yet you can apply a few hacks to see what is copied to the duplicate history. An easy way is-

  • Go to the Notes application on your iPhone
  • Open another note
  • Tap and clutch the region until the screen’s pop up comes
  • Next, tap on the paste to glue and store the replicated thing

Every time you duplicate anything can paste it here if you think you want that later.

You can find your important substance replicated here in the Notes application.

You can undoubtedly save the clippings here and utilize the Notes as your iPhone clipboard history because the iOS Clipboard stores one thing at a time.

Download Paste Application

The paste is one of the most incredible iPhone clipboard supervisors. This application stores all that you duplicate – – including text, pictures, connections, and records, and that’s just the beginning – – for speedy and simple access.

Whenever is the right time to observe a particular piece of content, you can peruse a visual history, and afterward, it’s what you’re searching for.

Looking for content is likewise simple on account of clever channels. In the clipboard history part of the application, swipe right to add it to iPhone’s interior framework.

To assist with getting sorted out various kinds of content, you can likewise make and alter different pinboards.

Data from the application is available in other applications utilizing the Share Sheet. As a pleasant touch, the paste will likewise show you when you added the data, from where, and shows a person depends on any tex.

Find Copy History on iPhone Using Clipboard++ App

For numerous copy history, another extraordinary way is to utilize the Clipboard++ application accessible on the iPhone app store. 

You can undoubtedly introduce and utilize the application on your iPhone and find the right response in a real sense if you are waiting for how to look at your clipboard history.

You’ll understand how much of a lifesaver the Clipboard++ App is following the steps below.

Step 1: Install the Clipboard++ App

Go to your iPhone application store and search the Clipboard++ application. Download and Install the application.

Step 2:Copy Something

Once introduced, send off the application once to begin it. Presently, copy any message or links that you want.

Step 3: Open the App

After duplicating your data, open the Clipboard++ application, and you will see your replicated data put away inside the application as of now. 

Each time you duplicate anything, open the application. You will observe your saved items saved there. 

Any buffer

Any buffer is a great app to consider if you detest bothering about a subscription. One up-front purchase will unlock all of this great clipboard app’s functionality.

With Anybuffer, you can save links, images, documents, text, email, etc. One way to adequately organize the information is to drag and drop clips into different frames. 

Also, it provides a search component to enable a quick search of what you’re looking for.

Snip notes 

SnipNotes joins note-taking with a clipboard administrator. To add data from other applications to SnipNotes, drag and drop, save it on your clipboard, or add it from the share sheet.

You can make notes to add on an iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch. This application can also recall where you made the note.

To help with sorting out all of your data, this application offers an inbox and file, alongside the capacity to make custom classifications.

How do you view the clipboard history on an android phone?

To paste a message from the clipboard, go to Messages, Notes, Email, or wherever you wish to paste it. To access numerous choices, tap and hold the screen. Choose “Clipboard” from the drop-down menu. To see the whole history, scroll down.

Is it possible to recover clipboard history?

Using the keyboard is one of the simplest ways to examine and recover clipboard history on an Android smartphone. Many keyboard programs now include a clipboard manager, which allows you to access previously copied text.

On the iPhone SE, where is the clipboard?

On an iPhone, there is no Clipboard viewer. The clipboard is simply a memory location for the most recently copied or cut item.

At any given time, the clipboard contains only one item. Pasting it somewhere would be the best approach to get to what’s there.


This article was written to give you in-depth knowledge about how to find iPhone clipboard history. If you follow the outlined apps and solutions mentioned above, you’d be a pro at using your iPhone clipboard in no time.

We believe that this article was of great help to you and, as such, would implore you to share it across your social media pages and engage us in the comment section if you’ve further questions.

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